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Kosair Shriners Email Contact List


NOTICE: The emails listed below are available as a courtesy for the Nobles of Kosair Shrine to contact one another. Unauthorized use of this list for spamming or other forms of solicitation purposes is strictly prohibited and anyone found doing so will be reported to their Internet Service Provider for abuse.


Any additions, deletions or corrections to this list, please contact the Webmaster

A. A. Draut adraut@weberandrose.com
A. Matthew Rodgers matthewrodgers@insightbb.com
A. V. Hawkins, Jr. vern402@yahoo.com
Adam C. Elkin vonshaggy22@gmail.com
Alan J. Whitlow ajwhitlow@twc.com
Alan K. Voyles voylesak@gmail.com
Alan Miller alanmiller1303@insightbb.com
Alan W. Adams adams921@outlook.com
Albert Maseicola a.masticola3845@gmail.com
Allan Bogard adbogard@twc.com
Allan D. New papabear0923@hotmail.com
Alton H. Roberts, Jr. alton@robertsboyz.com
Alton L. Cummins cumm51@aol.com
Amos Judd amos.judd@insightbb.com
Amy Saul amylsaul79@gmail.com
Andrew E. Woofter aewoofter@gmail.com
Andrue Devine ajdevine@gmail.com
Andy Hall hka7691@gmail.com
Anthony Sattich tsattich@gmail.com
Anthony W. High high58@scrtc.com
Archie Martin sratm51@aol.com
Arnold L. Landis arnoldlandis@insightbb.com
Art Wilson arthurwilsontwc.com@twc.com
Arthur "Bucky" Buchter arthur9999@twc.com
Arthur C. Davis davisac1@bellsouth.net
Arthur Dietz, Jr. art.dietz@insightbb.com
B. Shawn Warren, PP shawn@fratline.net
Babby Saul bsaul128@yahoo.com
Barry D. Denton bdenton@mhky.com
Barry L. Dunn bdunn83@hotmail.com
Ben Pfieffer bpdutchman@aol.com
Bernard L. Kraft trekker65@hotmail.com
Bernard Schwierman poppy0716@bellsouth.net
Bernis A. Woodward woody70ky@aol.com
Berry Knight kknightlky@aol.com
Betty Lay - Kosair Office blay@kosair.com
Bill Brawner brawnerb@yahoo.com
Bill C. Shuck bshuck@insightbb.com
Bill Hart jwhart1948@gmail.com
Bill Head wmhead@hotmail.com
Bill Meyer billmeyer@twc.com
Bill Smith bill.smithbs@att.net
Bill Swope fwswope@swope.com
Bill Whitlow parkum@aol.com
Billy G. Hogancamp eylenneh@sbcglobal.net
Billy R. Parker, Jr. billyparker.rn@gmail.com
Bluford J. Anderson w4pjz@aol.com
Bob Baldwin baldwin500@gmail.com
Bob Campbell bbcampbell@aol.com
Bob Frye, PP bobfrye@windstream.net
Bob Gardner mgmimaging@mindspring.com
Bob Harker bobharker@windstream.net
Bob Klickovish bobklick@insightbb.com
Bobby Crouch bgcrouch@twc.com
Bobby G. Wilkerson bwilkerson48@yahoo.com
Bobby Griggs bobbybg@windstream.net
Bobby L. Sexton bob250red@bellsouth.net
Bobby Loy lbl351@gmail.com
Bobby Priest tracechain1@yahoo.com
Bobby R. Payne rexpayne@insightbb.com
Bobby R. Warren kickinbaby2@aol.com
Bobby W. Bradley jbrad081443@aol.com
Brad Clark wbcsoftail_41@yahoo.com
Brad Smith gremlin41@hotmail.com
Bradley T. Smith winnfh@scrtc.com
Bradley W. Henson bwsling@aol.com
Brandon Ellingsworth brandonellingsworth@gmail.com
Brandon P. Minton b_minton1626@msn.com
Brenda Jones bjones1@twc.com
Brenda Reiss blreiss@louisvilleframe.com
Brian K. Cowan bk.cowan@hotmail.com
Brian K. Thompson whatadaya26@bellsouth.net
Brian Kulp bbkulp@hotmail.com
Brown Allen brownallenkosair@gmail.com
Bruce Boyd wte99house@aol.com
Bruce E. Dobson bedobson@yahoo.com
Bud Houghton hought_a@bellsouth.net
Bud Tharp tharpbud@aol.com
Byron A. Raines byron.raines44@hotmail.com
C. D. Kottke cdkottke@aye.net
Calvin C. McFarland, Sr. indianamac@insightbb.com
Carey J. Sims csims@tlrmc.com
Carl Beard cbeard@bellsouth.net
Carl Brown cdb_@yahoo.com
Carl D. Black jetblack3@att.net
Carl Hafele cwhafele@gmail.com
Carl J. Pitts, Jr. carlp129@windstream.net
Carleton Ashcraft kymh6001@gmail.com
Carleton L. Ashcraft cashcraft@insightbb.com
Carlin Carter coc40272@aol.com
Cary R. Carter shadetree09@bellsouth.net
Casey Palmer caseycpalmer@yahoo.com
Cecil R. Frye fryenmrc@bellsouth.net
Chandler Blewett cblewett@twc.com
Charles A. Shaw, Sr. chassdaman@insightbb.com
Charles Boston charles6744@att.net
Charles Bowman bowman.c@twc.com
Charles Burchel cowboychuck2@aol.com
Charles Distler coddoc@insightbb.com
Charles Dobson cgd2828@bellsouth.net
Charles H. Babb cbambo@aol.com
Charles H. Moody chm1925@twc.com
Charles I. Barnett, Jr. charliebarnett@aol.com
Charles J. Walz cjwalz@gmail.com
Charles McGaw bnwmcgaw@bellsouth.net
Charles R. Bowman bowman.c@insightbb.com
Charles R. Cruse Sr. seacruse@insightbb.com
Chas Duncan charlierxph@msn.com
Chris Baughman lacquer@iglou.com
Chris Broy cabroy@hotmail.com
Chris Lee clee7289@yahoo.com
Chris Osborne cosborne@far-point.net
Chris Stephens deals@sextonandcox.com
Christopher A. Funk lilfunk3@hotmail.com
Christopher D. Knight elitechris@windstream.net
Christopher Medley chrissstuff@msn.com
Christopher N. Morgan neil.morgan@insightbb.com
Chuck Strothman strothmanc@twc.com
Claris P. Ayers, Jr. pdayers@charter.net
Claude Combest claudecombest@gmail.com
Claude Shelburne, Jr. foxchase4920@insightbb.com
Claude W. Parker cheezee05@yahoo.com
Clifton Wayne Pedigo wjc@scrtc.com
Clinton K. Carrier deltaupsilonguy@yahoo.com
Corey R. Helm coreyrhelm@yahoo.com
Dale LeMond dll6081@twc.com
Dan Cline dcline@republicbank.com
Dan Sowder amputeeskier@msn.com
Dane Burton jdblou@gmail.com
Daniel A. Merritt danmerritt56@gmail.com
Daniel B Melvin dmelvin98@yahoo.com
Daniel J. Pohl pohlarized@yahoo.com
Daniel T. Wolf dwolf@kentuckycenter.org
Daniel W. Kinney, Sr. shipwreckdan@twc.com
Daniel West dtwest36@yahoo.com
Danny Clark danstingrayclark@yahoo.com
Danny Duvall dannydduvall@aol.com
Darrell Blenniss d.blenniss@twc.com
Darrell G. Waddell - Webmaster webmaster@kosair.com
Darrell L. Hook darrell.hook@insightbb.com
Darrin Skaggs darrinskaggs@att.net
Daryl E. Martin daryldeb@insightbb.com
Daryl Martin daryldebmartin@gmail.com
Dave Disponett ddisponett@aol.com
Dave Juergens, PP djandcj@gmail.com
David Allen dave3997@yahoo.com
David Bass davidebass@fuse.net
David Billings davidebillings@gmail.com
David Brooks dave7977m@excite.com
David Carroll petrista@bellsouth.net
David J. Hudson dhudson2003@comcast.net
David K. Judd, Sr. david.judd@twc.com
David Kennedy kennedy3434@twc.com
David L. Walters dave@ffmginc.com
David McCartin mccartinmac@insightbb.com
David Metts davidmetts@me.com
David Miles davemiles215@gmail.com
David Nichols dln@twc.com
David Ortensie c21shirlene@aol.com
David Ruff dsroadblocker@twc.com
David Scheu dscheuman@gmail.com
David Stewart stewart8230@bellsouth.net
David W. Bowles dwb1kyboy@hotmail.com
Debbie Kinney devilousdeb@twc.com
Del Livermore dl2118@att.net
Dennis Allen dlallen42@twc.com
Dennis Geary joyden1493@frontier.com
Dennis Jenne dmjenne@gmail.com
Dennis L. Bryant dlb103@gmail.com
Dennis L. Hardin keepemwarm50@gmail.com
Dennis Shepherd pebbles47138@yahoo.com
Derek Hibben drockhibben@yahoo.com
Derek Jonson derekjnsn@gmail.com
Deryl D. Haun dhaun52@yahoo.com
Dewey T. Warren lovebirds0218@comporium.net
Don Basham dlbashamky@gmail.com
Don Fusting dbagwell01@att.net
Don Gaddie pazazztheclown@yahoo.com
Don Gosser dongosser@twc.com
Don Ward littledaddy458@yahoo.com
Don Wood donaldgwood@twc.com
Donald A. Steffan, Jr. donald.steffan@jefferson.kyschools.us
Donald B. Stoddard dbstoddard@bellsouth.net
Donald Briggs don.briggs@twc.com
Donald Dick dodgeman45245@yahoo.com
Donald E. Malone d2malone@windstream.net
Donald H. Yankey dhyankey@insightbb.com
Donald J. Jeffries, Jr. macbean@insightbb.com
Donald L. Davis dl46988@bellsouth.net
Donald L. Dunlap donald.dunlap8@yahoo.com
Donald L. Kimbro dkimbro21@gmail.com
Donald L. Reed reed3409@aol.com
Donald L. Zielberg donserenaz@insightbb.com
Donald R . Jackson bmj123450@aol.com
Donald R. Pack skipato@gmail.com
Donald R. Thomas smoke42701@yahoo.com
Donald Ross dlross50@hotmail.com
Donald T. Fusting sylviafusting@bellsouth.net
Donald Triplett dolorestriplett@att.net
Donna Riggs driggs11849@att.net
Douglas Blackburn trailman1@bellsouth.net
Douglas Elsler dwelsler@aol.com
Douglas White dougwhite@twc.com
Doyle Jones djones1@twc.com
Duane Dickens kc4tsa@yahoo.com
Dwayne Downing papatinman0077@yahoo.com
Dwight Maddox, Jr. dwight.maddox@gmail.com
E. Ramsey Kraft r38kraft@nanzkraft.com
Earl B. Brown debiearlbbrown@aol.com
Earl T. Arnett, Jr. etarnett@twc.com
Eddie Black PP eblack6@bellsouth.net
Eddie J. Chrisman, PP - (Recorder) recorder@kosair.com
Eddie J. Chrisman, PP - (Recorder) bigdaddy04k@twc.com
Edw Flamm edfred1@windstream.net
Edward C. Schleff e.schleff@insightbb.com
Edward D. Hall edwhall@aol.com
Edward E. Crady crady1306@bellsouth.net
Edward G. Lentz edward.lentzcpa@gmail.com
Edward L. Embry edembry@windstream.net
Edwin A. Ackerman eack1949@gmail.com
Edwin E. Gaar gaariii@bellsouth.net
Edwin Rogers judgeexec@taylorcounty.us
Elbert O. Wicker, III elbertwicker@gmail.com
Eldon C. Arave aravee@insightbb.com
Eric Beaulieu robertebou@gmail.com
Eric Boswell rhinodad112@gmail.com
Erik R. Butler butler3103@hotmail.com
Erin Fitzgerald 13.erin@gmail.com
Ernest Bell, Jr. ebellmar@bellsouth.net
Ernest D. Katsampes ekatsampes@bellsouth.net
Estill "Jack" Jackson jado1987@aol.com
Eugene Swift gandaswift@aol.com
Eugene T. Ernst kisum123@att.net
Everett F. Hallisy efhfox33@yahoo.com
Farand O. "Randy" Skinner, II farand67@gmail.com
Ferrell C. Lowrey, Jr. flowrey@bellsouth.net
Ferris Davidson davidson.ferris@att.net
Frank B. Maxwell mfbmax@aol.com
Frank Benson buzz4211@aol.com
Frank Falco, Jr. frankfalcojr@yahoo.com
Frank J. Texas ftex123@twc.com
Frank L. Crum, III crumfiii@bellsouth.net
Frank Tomes ftomes.ky@netzero.com
Frank Warren f.warren@twc.com
Franklin M. Gray fgray2113@bellsouth.net
Franklin R. Warren f.warren@insightbb.com
Fred B. Rogers, Jr. rogers_fred@hotmail.com
Fred Duke fndbdd@att.net
Fred Mathis fredmathis@msn.com
Frederick C. Ackiss f.ackiss@twc.com
G. Michael Miller, Sr. mmillersr@twc.com
Garry Terry glterry@twc.com
Gary Bickers gsbickers@bellsouth.net
Gary Byerly gkbyerly@hotmail.com
Gary Conkin gary.conkin@yahoo.com
Gary K. Hunt garykhunt124@aol.com
Gary L. Pohl gpohl52@twc.com
Gary L. Swaim gswaim@bellsouth.net
Gary Morgan - (Chief Rabban) g.morgan912@att.net
Gary R. Marsh gmarsh@mhky.com
Gary T. Wilson gwilsonaire@gmail.com
George B. Teston gbteston@bellsouth.net
George C. Owens gwoens@yahoo.com
George E. Mcdonald geomac@twc.com
George E. Simpson gsimpson@hargray.com
George Gehr ggehrjag@yahoo.com
George Givens georgebgivens@gmail.com
George Glenn, Jr. georgenelaine@centurylink.net
George R. Zipperlein b.zipperlein@insightbb.com
George Trawick george.j.trawick@gmail.com
George V. Ellis george.ellis@sbcglobal.net
George W. Schafer, MD gschafermd@bellsouth.net
George Younger - (Oriental Guide) younger.george@yahoo.com
Gerard W. Elkin jerryelkin22@gmail.com
Gilbert Curry cgilbert@scrtc.com
Gilbert L. Smith, Sr. k4gil@bellsouth.net
Gilbert R. Puckett gilbertpuckett@twc.com
Gina Hueston ghueston15@gmail.com
Glen Stuckel glen.stuckel@insightbb.com
Glenn Alford mandolin2@insightbb.com
Glenn E. Spencer glennespencer@aol.com
Glenn McCrary gmmac@blueriver.net
Glenn R. Taylor, Jr. hawlksnest@aol.com
Gordon E. Berry, PP geberry2@bellsouth.net
Gordon McCall dlmccall53@yahoo.com
Grant Riggs gariggs07@yahoo.com
Gregory A. Crum gregcrum001@insightbb.com
Gregory Collins gregorycollins7020@yahoo.com
Gregory L. Dearborn gdearborn@twc.com
Gregory Smith gsmith@medline.com
Gregory W. Groce groce@scrtc.com
Gregory Webb greg@steelofthenight.com
H. I. Riggs hriggsj@gmail.com
H. I. Stroth h.stroth@icloud.com
Hal Parrish hparrish@nctc.com
Harold Donnelly hjackdonnelly@gmail.com
Harold E. Fisher efisher463@aol.com
Harold F. "Butch" Govoni, PP bg7241@bellsouth.net
Harold G. Sanders hudsonsanders@bellsouth.net
Harold G. Sanders, Jr. sandbugs69@bellsouth.net
Harold J. Herman haroldjh2@bellsouth.net
Harold "Rick" Laird - (High Priest & Prophet) hrdball42@aol.com
Harold W. Johnson haroldjohnson@bardstowncable.net
Harris G. ?Bud? White, Jr. brooksbudw@windstream.net
Harry B. Turner tbhren@bellsouth.net
Harry W. Spillman hspill@scrtc.com
Henry A. Vaughn henry.vaughn@att.net
Henry F. Watson, Jr. hfwjr@yahoo.com
Henry Kern hkern43@twc.com
Henry Watson, Sr. hfwsonny1@yahoo.com
Herb Zimmerman herby2010@gmail.com
Herbert Anderson hea82nd@gmail.com
Herbert R. Swift hilltopview2000@yahoo.com
Herman A. Thomas hthomas127@aol.com
Hershel Coogle hershelcoogle@gmail.com
Howard D. Hogue ultra@insightbb.com
Howard Kost mkost@twc.com
Hubert W. Huffman, Jr. huff2305@twc.com
J. B. Hitt, II jbhitt@att.net
J. Craig Higgins higgy@higrig.com
J. Darwin Jacobs migm02@yahoo.com
J. Marshall Hughes jmh@hughesandcoleman.com
J. R. Riggs, PP jr2015@att.net
J. R. Riggs, PP jrriggs@kosaircircus.com
J. Scott Judy jsjudy@mhky.com
J. T. Carroll 1jbird@bellsouth.net
Jaarad W. Taylor jaarad.taylor@gmail.com
Jack Banister jbanister1929@gmail.com
Jack Kiper jackkiper1931@gmail.com
Jack Wilson, PP jack425@insightbb.com
Jame Hendrick donaldhendrick@att.net
James A. Doll, Jr. james.doll@ge.com
James A. Pinotti pinotti4769@bellsouth.net
James A. Schlise pizzafxe@aol.com
James Baker jbaker1601@att.net
James C. Carter jimcartman@aol.com
James Cleon Vaughan k4txj@insightbb.com
James Conrad jimcartman@gmail.com
James Coomer jcoomer@scrtc.com
James D. Bratcher jim.bratcher@pathforwardky.com
James E. Barr barr7228@bellsouth.net
James E. Brown cavscout86@insightbb.com
James E. Fisher, Jr. jimfisher@bellsouth.net
James E. Funk jamesfunk1944@hotmail.com
James E. Wilson, II rokair@gmail.com
James Eisman eismanjt@gmail.com
James F. Jackson jojojackson9232@yahoo.com
James Haddaway jdhaddaway@juno.com
James Hart jwhart@glasgow-ky.com
James Hodges xraygoodtimes@att.net
James J. Etheridge, V tajatos@aol.com
James Kemp jimsalkemp@hotmail.com
James L. Griffin jasgriff@bellsouth.net
James L. Simpson, III imjsimpson@aol.com
James M. Foster, Jr. jmfcrna@aol.com
James O. King jimking@kingcorporategroup.com
James P. Heid sujam@insightbb.com
James Pinotti jamespinotti@yahoo.com
James R. Lisanby jlisanby@yahoo.com
James Reichert jimbugs862@twc.com
James S. Deweese sjdeweese@gmail.com
James S. Lusk luskservicescott@bellsouth.net
James Slack jlslamama@sbcglobal.net
James Solley jim_solley@yahoo.com
James Stephens jim.stephens@live.com
James Swartwood j.swartwood@insightbb.com
James T. Eisman eismanj@aol.com
James T. Hazard jandihazard@bellsouth.net
James Turner anntur98@aol.com
James W. Eckles ecklesj@bellsouth.net
James W. Smith rhd1212@aol.com
James W. Stephens phifer.stephens@insightbb.com
James Woody jameswoody@hotmail.com
Jamey Noel car1chief@aol.com
Janice Downing ajsdowning@aol.com
Jason A. Collard jasonc502@gmail.com
Jason E. Whitus jason_square@yahoo.com
Jay C. Fowler jndjus@yahoo.com
Jay M. Townsend jmemorytownsend@bellsouth.net
Jean Dotson jeandotson@hotmail.com
Jean-Pierre Janssen goinpostal@twc.com
Jeff Green jgreen@ikorcc.com
Jeff Hatcher vhatcher@cheerful.com
Jeffery A. Davis ajeffdavis@aol.com
Jeffery A. Jewell jeff_jewell_70@hotmail.com
Jeffrey G. "Jeff" White jeff.white@windstream.net
Jeffrey R. Morris txjmorris@yahoo.com
Jeffrey Yussman jyussman@aol.com
Jeremy D. Sease jsease@rescare.com
Jeremy J. Cooksey jeremy.cooksey@candclandsurveying.com
Jerral Summers jtsummers@windstream.net
Jerry Cantrell jerrycantrell1948@me.com
Jerry Johnson jwj40701@hotmail.com
Jerry S. Blankenship railnerd125@bellsouth.net
Jerry Ward jerry.ward@svn.com
Jesse D. New captjesse1@yahoo.com
Jewett W. Borden, III jewett.borden@yahoo.com
Jim and Marolyn Etheridge marolynetheridge@yahoo.com
Jim Baker jbaker1601@twc.com
Jim Booher, PP jandobooher@bellsouth.net
Jim Doss loushriner07@yahoo.com
Jim Eaton jeaton0713@gmail.com
Jim Fisher Sr., PP kyshriner@bellsouth.net
Jim Hatfield hatfieldj80@yahoo.com
Jim Patterson holcon@btopenworld.com
Jim Spurrier jdspurrier@att.net
Jim Szofer - (Assistant Rabban) jszofer@cfwengineers.com
Jim Taylor jimtaylor266@att.net
Jimmie D. Waggoner wagstoy99@aol.com
Jimmie Waggoner lousteamboat@aol.com
Jo Barrett jb6701@yahoo.com
Joe Graves josephtgraves@bellsouth.net
Joe Myers, PP joepp06@yahoo.com
Joe N. Frazar, III joe396@aol.com
Joel Frockt ijfrockt@gmail.com
Joel G. Smith sam8758@glasgow-ky.com
John Cauley master04@gmail.com
John Chaney johnspharmacy@yahoo.com
John Chaney johnchaney1@windstream.net
John D. Morgan, Sr. jmorgan8@windstream.net
John E. Arthur johnkoko@duo-county.com
John E. Flanagan jflanaganconsult@aol.com
John E. Moyers johnmoyers1977@gmail.com
John Gibbs darvastar@rocketmail.com
John Gognat john.gognat@insightbb.com
John J. Reker, Sr. jrekersr@bellsouth.net
John Jacobs jjacobs09@yahoo.com
John Larry Burton j.larry@prodigy.net
John M. Clements johnmark@iglou.com
John M. McGrath, Jr. jmmcgrath@bellsouth.net
John Moore john.moore9@insightbb.com
John Nichols johnenichols@twc.com
John Phillips sky_dragonxviii@yahoo.com
John Proffitt johnproffitt68@yahoo.com
John R. Carter carter@duo-county.com
John R. Gognat, Jr. gognatjr@aol.com
John R. Perry john.perry@twc.com
John R. Wilson jrwilson15@aol.com
John S. Crafton john.crafton@insightbb.com
John S. Payne j.payne@insightbb.com
John Sanders narcdog1375@insightbb.com
John Shofner jshofner01@yahoo.com
John V. "Jack" Diehl jackvdiehl@gmail.com
John Wesley jw5900@twc.com
John Wilder - (Treasurer) j.wilder632@att.net
John Wittenmyer jwitten5@hotmail.com
Johnathan Lord lordflstn@twc.com
Jon M. Hagedorn hagtech@insightbb.com
Jon S. Dawson jon@zenrepro.com
Joseph B. Maupin jmaupin@bellsouth.net
Joseph Conway jconglky@aol.com
Joseph D. Fields josephdfields@gmail.com
Joseph K. Cross jmcross482002@yahoo.com
Joseph W. Barham joe.barham@live.com
Joseph Wheeler alhjoe@yahoo.com
Josh Long joshlong@glasgow-ky.com
Joshua C. Northcutt jnorthcutt1986@yahoo.com
Junior Mink masonkych@windstream.net
Karney Thomas karneythomas@aol.com
Kaven Rumpel kklrumpel@aol.com
Keith Dreier keith224@icloud.com
Keith M. Furnish kmf42501@aol.com
Keith W. Light cklight@scrtc.com
Kelly R. Thomas thomashouse@scrtc.com
Ken Meredith klm3399m@netscape.net
Ken Nichter radsafety@insightbb.com
Ken Sears ken.sears@us.army.mil
Kenneth A. Waters kenwaters1970@gmail.com
Kenneth Brandon kbbrandon@att.net
Kenneth E. Hoerter kennynvicki@msn.com
Kenneth E. Reiss, PP kenreiss@louisvilleframe.com
Kenneth L. Meredith klm3399m@aol.com
Kenneth McKinzie kwm522@yahoo.com
Kenneth R. Barnes csmbarnes@insightbb.com
Kenneth R. Holthouser hlincoln94@aol.com
Kenneth W. Carrier kcarrier@twc.com
Kenneth W. Hardin, Jr. kehardin30@insightbb.com
Kevin B. Fow kfow@msn.com
Kevin Gallusser kevingallusser@yahoo.com
Kevin Jackson kevinjackson70@me.com
Kevin M. Reynolds kevinr@windstream.net
Kirk E. Carter, PP tictock@bellsouth.net
Larry Blair pgblair@duo-county.com
Larry Craig ljc3450@yahoo.com
Larry D. Capshaw larry.capshaw@yahoo.com
Larry D. Hamfeldt, PP larryhamfeldt01@gmail.com
Larry G. Hayes hayespay@bellsouth.net
Larry G. Mann larrygmann@gmail.com
Larry Gittings jenniegittings@gmail.com
Larry H. Frans lhf812@windstream.net
Larry Hayes hayespays@bellsouth.net
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