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The Kosair Shrine Golf Club

The Kosair Shrine Golf Club continues to bring members together to enjoy fellowship, fun and competition. We support our Kosair Divan and Kosair Charities while at the same time providing an atmosphere where our Masonic virtues can be tested and proven. The club meets the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 7:00pm at Kosair Temple from February through November. We welcome new members. If you like the hit the little white ball and enjoy the wonders of what God and man can do with a piece of earth, come and join us at our next meeting.

We welcome all Nobles interested to join the Kosair Golf Club. Our initial dues are $65.00, which includes a shirt and hat. After the initial year, dues are only $25.00 per year. Please contact Mike Jenne, Vice President, at (502) 939-4880 or Paul Pfeiffer, Secretary at (502) 773-1727 for more information about the Kosair Shrine Golf Club.

This year we will have 2 leagues. A 9 hole, single man league, on Monday and our normal 18 hole, 2 man league, which is moving to Thursday morning. Our 9 hole league, at Cherokee GC, will start Monday, May 16, 2016, at 5:45pm and run for 16 weeks, excluding holidays. Tee times will start at 5:45pm and run concurrently, till all golfers are on the coarse. Thursday May 19, 2016, we will start our 18 hole league at 8:30am. We will play every Thursday for 18 weeks. We have confirmed via agreement to play “The Crossings”, “Long Run” and “Shawnee GC” this year. We will play “The Crossings” on May 19th. The next Thursday we will play Long Run, followed the next Thursday at Shawnee through September. We will have a shotgun start at 8:30 am at all courses. Score cards will be placed in the drop box tagged Kosair golf Club in the pro shop. The Club Secretary who will forward the cards to noble Howard Goldberg for handicapping.


Team #





Team #




Team # Team Handicap W/L























Please call --, President

 for any and all questions.


The Annual Golf Banquet will be held at Kosair Shrine Center located ---------------- on ---------------, September ----, 2015.


Send Match Scores To:

Howard Goldberg

7901 Jade Green Way

Louisville, KY 40291



Match #

Team rotation (8 teams)





















Match #

Team Rotation (7 teams)






















2016 Officers

President --------------
Vice President --------------
Secretary --------------
Treasurer --------------

2014 Club Leadership



Club Coordinator






Finance Committee


Frank Muckey Award




Nominating Committee


Overnight - Columbia


Overnight - Lebanon


Rules Committee


Scramble Coordinator-Heritage Hills


Telephone Committee


Tournament & Registration


Web Page

Tom O'Bryan & Darrell Waddell











All matches will be played on respective day, for each league. Rain outs, will be determined by course management. Any rain out, for the 18 hole league, will be made up on first Thursday and successive Thursdays, after the league ends.

We suggest that substitutes or "Bozo" provision be exercised to keep games current.

In the event a player cannot obtain a Sub Partner, he may declare a Bozo score.  The first, second and third flights will score the Bozo with a net score of (82), the fourth flight score the Bozo with a net score of (87).



(REVISED 2016)


1. All matches for the 9 hole league will be played on Mondays 5:45pm, first tee time. All matches for the 18 hole league will be played on Thursdays 8:30am shotgun start.


2. Captains (top name on the team schedule), will be responsible for contacting opposing team captain, if the match cannot be played


3. Subs may be a member from the sub list


4. The winning team has the responsibility of delivering the official score card to the drop box, immediately after the game is played with complete information required.


5. Winning teams will score (1) one point for each win, tie scores will render (1/2) point to each team.


6. If matches are not played, no points will be credited to either team.


7. Every effort should be made by both teams to play the match. If for any reason there is a forfeit one time, the other team must play the scheduled course on the designated day mentioned in rule # 1 to score the winning point.


8. Forfeited scores will not be counted in determining handicaps.


9. A team present on the tee at the proper tee time will allow a 15-minute waiting period for the opposing team before declaring a forfeit. Please be prompt! All tee times are either 8:30am or 5:45 pm. Be courteous, you should be at the course at least 30 minutes early.


10. In the event a player cannot obtain a Sub Partner he may declare a Bozo score. The first, second and third flights will score the Bozo with a net score of (82), the fourth flight score the Bozo with (87). (Revised 5/15/2012)


11. U.S.G.A. rules will govern play except when stated club rules are used and when local course score cards indicate otherwise.


12. All holes must be played and completed. No pick-ups on putts unless agreement is made by the opposing team and no mulligans.


13. Traps, water and ditches will be played as hazards; clubs may not be grounded or lies improved in these areas.


14. If a swing is interfered with by yard markers, sprinkler heads or service roads, the ball may be moved to a point two (2) club lengths to a point of relief, but no closer to the hole.


15. If a ball flies out of bounds, from the tee, take a 1 stroke penalty, drop a ball where the ball crossed the hazard line out of bounds. You are hitting your third(3) shot from there.


16. The lie in the fairway may be improved in the fairway or rough, but not in a hazard. In any case, not improving the line of sight or closer to the hole.


17. Lost ball is played as a loss of stroke and distance, but in the interest of speeding up play, a ball may be dropped in the vicinity where the ball was lost with a one (1) stroke penalty.


18. All players use forward men’s tee box. If course has white course tees and women’s red tees only, white course tees are to be used. (Revised 9/21/2010)


19. Players will take no more than double the par on a hole as score. Examples, par 3 score no more than 6, par 4 score nor more than 8 & par 5 score no more than 10. Players are encouraged to pick up as max score is reached.


20. There will be no limits on handicaps.


21. All flight ties will be decided by a coin toss. First, second, third and fourth place teams in each flight must be determined for awards.


22. The game rules cannot be changed after play begins. If a player cannot finish the round of 18 holes for any reason, the match is forfeited. (Revised 6/21/2011)


23. Any rain outs will be determined by course management. Please call respective courses for cancellations. If play is rained out and 9 holes (or more) have been played in an 18 hole match, or 5 holes in a 9 hole match, the match is stopped and winner is determined by totaling score at stopping point. If less than 9 holes or 5 holes are finished when play is rained out, in respective leagues, the match will be considered null and void. The handicap chairman will adjust the handicap for that game. (Revised 6/21/2011)




Article I -Name

Section I - The name of this club shall be KOSAIR GOLF CLUB


Article II - Purpose

Section I-The purpose of the club shall be to give the members of Kosair Temple an opportunity to join together in fellowship in the great game of golf; to support and cooperate with the Potentate of Kosair Temple; to enhance the image of Shrinedom so that all may see and appreciate that great fraternity.


Article III - Authority

Section I - This club is organized and exists only by and with the consent of the Potentate of Kosair Temple and said Potentate shall have the right to change, cancel, annul or reverse any action or policy of this club.

Section 2 - All official correspondence directed to the Potentate of Kosair Temple shall be prepared in triplicate, one copy will be sent directly to the Recorder of Kosair Temple; the remaining copy will be place in the Kosair Golf Club files maintained by the Secretary.

Section 3 - An initiation fee of $25.00 shall accompany each application for membership and an additional fee, as per Article IV – Section 3, for annual dues, will be paid upon acceptance by the membership.

Section 4 - Dues shall be for the calendar year and expire on December 31st of each year. Dues notices shall be mailed by the Secretary no later than November 15th of each year for the following year's dues.

Section 5- Members who have not paid their dues by January 31st shall automatically be deemed delinquent and shall be ineligible to attend business, social, golfing and other functions of the Club. Such delinquency may continue until April 1st.   The member may pay his dues and return to good standing. Any member remaining delinquent after April 1st shall automatically be dropped from Club membership.  Restoration to full membership may be acquired by paying the delinquent plus current dues, thus never exceeding two years.

Section 6 - The roster of membership in Kosair Golf Club must be sent to the Recorder of Kosair Temple no later than March 1st of each calendar year. The Club Secretary is responsible for keeping this roster current by submitting to the Recorder at the end of each month any and all changes made therein.


Article IV - Membership

Section I - Any member of Kosair Temple holding a current dues card shall be eligible for membership in Kosair Golf Club, subject to the approval of its members.

Section 2 - Application for membership shall be in writing by completing the official application form. The application must be signed by two members of the Club, and then filed with the Secretary. The membership of the Club shall take action at their regular meeting.  Voting shall be by secret ballot and three negative votes shall reject an applicant. The applicant shall not be in the room at the time of discussion or application or at the time of voting.

Section 3 - The annual dues shall be $25. Changes in regular dues may be made at a regular meeting by majority vote, providing the entire membership is notified in writing at least 30 days prior to such vote. Notification throughout these bylaws shall be deemed to have made by posting in the U.S. mail to the member's last known address or by publishing in Kosair Kolums prior to such meeting.


Article V - Election of Officers

Section I - The elected officers of this Club shall consist of the following:  President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer. The elected officers will be elected for a term of one year. Officers shall assume office at the first meeting of the following year.

Section 2 - In the event any officer becomes unwilling or unable to serve during his term of office a special election shall be held for the purpose of electing a successor. Written notice of the date, hour and place of such election shall be sent to each member by the Secretary at least ten (10) days prior to such meeting or published in Kosair Kolums prior to such meeting.

Section 3 - The annual meeting for the election of officers for the Club shall be held at the first regular meeting of the Club in October.  Written notices of the date, hour and place of such meeting must be sent to each member at least ten (10) days prior to such meeting or published in the Kosair Kolums prior to such meeting.

Section 4 - At a regular meeting prior to the date of the election of officers the presiding officer shall appoint a member to serve and secure a slate of officers for the ensuing year.  This nominating member shall act at the call of the Chairman for the purpose of studying the membership for nominations of Club officers. The nominating member shall make his report at the next meeting. Nominations may also be made from the floor. In case of more than one nomination for any office, the voting shall be by secret ballot. A majority of those present and eligible to vote is necessary for election.


Article VI - Executive Board

Section I - The Executive Board shall consist of the four (4) elected officers and the immediate Past President. The Executive Board shall formulate plans, decide matters of policy and recommend action to the membership. It shall decide on any protest or dispute, and it is within its power to discipline any member of this club for any conduct which is not in the best interest of this club, or any violation of the bylaws or playing rules.


Article VII - Duties of Officers

Section I - The President shall preside at all meetings of the Club.  He shall appoint the Chairmen of all committees and shall be exofficio member of all committees.

Section 2 - The Vice President shall assume all authority and jurisdiction in the absence of the President.

Section 3 – The Secretary shall keep full and accurate minutes of the proceedings of all regular and special meetings, and follow and directives that may be issued by the Potentate of Kosair Temple. He shall keep a full and accurate roster of the membership. He shall receive and answer all communications, and mail or deliver all notices regarding club meetings and business. He shall forward received monies to the Treasurer. He shall present a full and complete report for the calendar year as required by Kosair Temple. He may submit monthly articles to the Kosair Kolums when necessary.

Section 4 - The Treasurer shall receive all monies, giving his receipt thereof; paying out monies upon orders from the club. All checks signed by the Treasurer, will be counter-signed by the Secretary. He shall maintain a double entry bookkeeping system with a general ledger on a uniform basis in conformity with the "Chart of Accounts' provided by the Imperial Counsel, Shriner’s International, sent by Kosair Temple each year. He shall deposit all receipts in a designated bank account in the name of Kosair Golf Club; such account shall require the signatures of the Treasurer and one other officer of the club. He shall furnish the Executive Board a financial statement when requested to do so by the President. He shall also make available to the President a reconciled financial statement, furnished by the bank, for his inspection.

Section 5 – All officers are eligible for re-election.


Article VIII - Meetings

Section I - The Club shall hold regular business meetings each month during the period of February through November. The date and time of the meetings to be set by the incoming Executive Board according to present circumstances.

Section 2 – The newly elected Executive Board shall meet in November and January to complete plans for the forthcoming season. 


Article IX - Duties and Responsibilities of Team Captains

Section I - Each Team Captain is responsible for the correctness or the team's score and shall turn such scores in to the lounge at Kosair Temple prior to the Tuesday following the day of play in order for the scores to count. Any and all complaints from any member of a team shall be handled by the Team Captain prior to being submitted to the Executive Board for its consideration.


Article X - Committees

Section I - The standing committees shall be as follows: Finance, Entertainment, Tournament, Handicap, Rules and Telephone.

Section 2 - The Finance Committee shall examine and report on all matters relating or pertaining to the financial concerns of the Club and shall report on the same in writing at the last meeting of the calendar year. I will assist the Treasurer of the club in assembling the necessary information and records required by Kosair Temple to be filed in the Recorder's office by January 15th of each year.

Section 3 - The Entertainment Committee shall arrange for all Club entertainment.

Section 4 - The Tournament Committee shall be responsible for all schedules; games to be played; golf courses to played; select and purchase appropriate awards and prizes.

Section 5 - The Handicap Committee shall determine handicaps for each player, posting same each month.

Section 6 - The Rules Committee shall determine rules for playing golf in the club. It shall arbitrate all disputes arising from rules infractions before action by the Executive Board.

Section 7 - The Telephone Committee shall, on instructions from the President, phone the membership to advise them of whatever notice or action is submitted by the President.

Section 8 - Chairmen of committees shall be appointed by the President.  At the option of the President, chairmen may choose their own committees from the active membership. Each committee shall consist for as many members as required by the Chairman.


Article XI

Section I - Any matter of Parliamentary procedure not covered in these bylaws shall be governed by the current editions of Roberts Rules of Order.

                This revision was approved May 18, 2015 by club membership, and supersedes any and all previous bylaws.

Respectfully Submitted,

Kosair Golf Club Bi-Laws Committee



_______________________________                                       _____________________

President, Kosair Golf Club                                                           Date




_______________________________                                        ______________________

Potentate, Kosair Shrine                                                                Date

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