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The Kosair Provost Unit



The Provost is a uniformed Unit which has the purpose of maintaining proper decorum during ceremonials, parades, the circus and any other special event or function in which Kosair Shriners might participate.

Our meetings are held on the first Monday of the month at 7:30PM

Any questions, please contact the Provost Unit Secretary, Noble Fred Mathis, at kosairprovost@gmail.com or Art Davis at 502-418-5323


Provost 2020 Roadblock Dates

March Shelbyville Rd & Hurstbourne Ln
April Shelbyville Rd & Hurstbourne Ln
June Shelbyville Rd & Hurstbourne Ln
July Shelbyville Rd & Hurstbourne Ln
August Shelbyville Rd & Hurstbourne Ln
August Shelbyville Rd & Hurstbourne Ln
September Shelbyville Rd & Hurstbourne Ln
September Shelbyville Rd & Hurstbourne Ln
October Shelbyville Rd & Hurstbourne Ln
November Shelbyville Rd & Hurstbourne Ln

Members of the Provost Unit who want to work at Kosair Circus road-blocks, should get four (4) traffic safety cones, a "Circus" sign, vest and two (2) buckets from the Circus Office. All Provost roadblocks will be at the intersection of Shelbyville Road & Hurstbourne Pkwy just in front of the Starbucks. Start at 9:00 am.


Director Art Davis 502-231-2554 davisac1@bellsouth.net
Captain Rich McCarty 502-263-8663 bearinlv@gmail.com
Lieutenant Sam Reasor 502-403-6899 sdrbigdog@aol.com
Treasurer Carroll Laird 502-396-3423 c.laird@twc.com
Secretary Fred Mathis 502-797-4856 fredmathis@msn.com
Entertainment Chm. Ben Washam 270-703-4432 ----------------------------

Provost Email: kosairprovost@gmail.com


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